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Work Smarter Not Harder (Collecting Data & Lesson Planning) with Technology!

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Warning:  This post might cause you to free up more time, hence leading to more time for pinning, creating, and searching for more teaching ideas...

Ok so how many times do we plan 6-7 separate lessons for our day?  Be honest…Does your lesson plan book have a section for every subject? Mine did!  I planned 6 lessons for each day.

Math-Spelling-Language-Reading-Social Studies-Science

Well guess what?  Two really great lessons can fit in almost every skill you have planned for your lesson-filled day.  One for math and the other for everything else!

Take a minute to think about one of your reading lessons.  Could it include some spelling or word work straight from the book, passage, or text?  Could it lend itself to a writing prompt or exercise? How about a lesson on parts of speech or complete sentences? Why not use nonfiction to add in a touch of history or science?

Keeping lessons connected and vertically planned will allow our students to go deeper and develop a better understanding of the lessons instead of watering it down and moving on.

Think like this…

Here are 3 screenshots from a lesson on Harry Houdini to give you an idea of multi-purposing your lessons to cover many subjects and standards all within one lesson!

This lesson was planned and delivered using Classkick.
Free app on iTunes and can also be used on laptops or tablets at 

Harry Houdini Chapter 1 Introduction

Study location of Harry's travels before reading the chapter by viewing maps.

Build understanding of time in history by researching shoeshine boys.

These are just a few slides out of a 15 page lesson created in Classkick.  Lessons created in Classkick can include links, photos, pdf's, text, and audio!  Think of the possibilities when you can include ALL of these features in 1 lesson!  Endless!

If you are lucky enough to have ipads or chromebooks you can organize lessons using apps where students can complete a majority of the work from one device. 

Great Lesson Planning and Lesson Delivery Tool

Classkick Link

Great assignment delivery/collection and portfolio tool
Seesaw Link

Example Lessons with one text:

Skills taught in one lesson on Harry Houdini:
-locating text information
-listening comprehension
-writing complete sentences using text evidence AND the evidence can be highlight right on the device!
-word work (word parts-origin)
-history/social studies (geography/time period)

All of this can be done from one device!

For organizing your students' information or lessons, I use screenshots of completed lessons. Then send the screenshot with a description to myself to file under the students' name and subject. (if using the app) Otherwise if using a computer, you can save right from the screen.

The following shows you how it looks on my computer.

#1 Stored Student Files Images
I store all files I feel necessary into a file using each student's name.  I can then have more specific skill files within this file.

This is one student's file.
This is one section of his file.

This is another smaller section of his file.
I can store all the data I want in specific files for easy finding and access if needed.
I use it to plan my instruction, keep track of progress, and store examples of work all in one place. 
(Or you can save all of your students lessons in 1 "easy to access and share" place using Seesaw!)

#2 Use Seesaw (free app or website)
Seesaw is an app and a website that will file your students' work by student, subject, or any file name you wish.

*With Seesaw Plus (paid version) teachers can file into private files for teacher use only, and by skills.

Here's a look into what that looks like in Seesaw.

This is a class feed view.

Or you can sort by student.

Or you can sort by subject or skill.
I use both methods of storing student data for my RTI program.  It might seem difficult at first, but once you get started it becomes super easy and I never feel like I have to dig for student work examples or am at a loss as to how my students are REALLY doing on specific tasks.  I have all of the data stored neatly on a device!  It works like a dream and I will NEVER go back to paper storage again!

Plan Lessons with Apps!
Create lessons that can be stored from year to year with no additional prep work. Use pdfs stored right on your laptop or device and never go searching for a worksheet or file EVER AGAIN!

Hint:  Come up with an organized way of naming your files.  You will thank yourself later...(speaking from experience).

No copying. No stapling. No storing huge files or binders. 
No mess.  No worries!
 I've saved a TON on not having to by fancy paper, page protectors, binders, folders and all other storage and lesson planning materials!  Enough that I can now afford to buy books and apps for my kiddos!

Enough said…

Make lessons into centers!
Have students go one step further and use devices in centers where there are pre-made lessons. Students plug in the pictures and information depending upon what each student needs. 

Here's a visual example from a lesson completed in Classkick.

Use can use any graphic organizer!  Either take a photo of it, screenshot it, save it as a pic file, or as a pdf file.  Anyway you choose, you can easily use graphic organizers digitally and save digitally!  MIND BLOWING!!!

Whatever skill students need to practice, you can put it into a center.  How about one on... 
-Locating Important Information
-Finding Main Idea
-Practicing Fluency

Use graphic organizers that have been stored in your camera roll to create the lesson that can be used with ANY text, ANYtime, ANYwhere, by ANYone!

Show students how to use all the apps. Then they can choose which app they would like to use to complete an assignment. Providing students with choice makes learning more motivating and engaging.  When students get a say in what they are doing, they will be more invested and hence more learning will take place!  (A teacher's dream!)

Students need fluency practice? Let them choose how they practice it.
-YakIt Kids
-Camera Roll-Video tape themselves

Students need to practice sequencing?
-Pic Collage
-Sock Puppets
-CapDis Lite-comic strip creator

Honestly, all of these tips can help you free up your time to do what teachers REALLY want to do...
P.S. If you are looking to learn how to use or manage any of these apps, visit my personal blog where I will forever be adding tutorials and tips for using tech in your literacy classroom!
 Link2Teach Blog Link
Click picture to go there!


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