End of the Year Gifts {For Students & Teachers}

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How can it be that the end of the school year is almost here?!  It's so true what they say- the days go by slow, but the years go by fast!  So, here I am already thinking about end of the gifts for my son's teacher and what I did most years for my students at the end of year.

This is a great end of the year surprise for you students! The kids love getting real mail in their mailbox from their teacher!

 The end of the year is always such a whirlwind in school.  Between the end of the year checklists, keeping up the routines so total chaos doesn't ensue, returning of ALL the books, cleaning the classroom, packing up the classroom- you get the idea- the last thing I needed was more STUFF floating around the room.  So, my "gift" to my kiddos was a letter.  A letter that was sent good old fashioned snail mail TO. THEIR. HOUSE.  I mean, what kid doesn't love to get a letter addressed to them from their teacher!? The best part was when kids {and some parents} would come tell me at the beginning of the next year how they loved getting the letter over the summer.  I sent different versions over the years, but here's an example of what I used.  You can grab it as a freebie in my TpT store.

Cute end of the year gift ideas for teachers.

For my son's preschool teachers this year I'm doing some different versions of summertime fun.  He has a main teacher and an assistant that is in his class part of the time, so I wanted to do something for both of them.  This easy beach in a cup idea was perfect!  I found this cute tumbler in the Target Dollar Spot for only $3.  I just put some beachy themed goodies in the cup: summer dollar spot post-it notes, a Starbucks gift card, some Crystal Light packs and a SPF lip shield.  I made a cute little tag (freebie) and added a pretty flower and I've got a nice gift for the end of the year.

Cute end of the year gift ideas for teachers.

For his teacher, she is getting a goodie filled cup and I added this super cute monogrammed bag from vivandlou.com and a colorful beach towel. This site has so many cute bag options (and other products) and personalization is always included.  It's super reasonably priced too and they have lots of good sales and very fast shipping. (And no, I am not a getting paid or free stuff for telling you about it -I wish!-I just really like everything I've gotten from them.)  Have a fabulous end of the year!

Cute and easy end of the year gift ideas for teachers and students!  These FREEBIE student letters are so fun to mail to your students at home at the end of the year!

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