Teach With Video!

Teach With Video!

Want to engage your students?  Use technology. Well...there's more to it than that.  You can't just plug kids in or turn on a program and walk away, but there are thousands of ways to use technology to make your lessons and assessments exciting and engaging.

I've blogged about countless ways to use technology in the classroom from using a green screen, to using lessons planning and delivery Apps like Classkick and Seesaw, but there are so many more!

Today I will focus on using video.  The online tool is called My Simple Show.  You can visit, register, and begin making your own tutorial video in no time.  Best part???? It's FREE!  Yes ladies and gentlemen...FREE!  (I tend to focus my sharing on FREE items, so no worries.  If you like FREE, than you might want to click to follow my blog.  I tend to share various FREE tips and tools here often.)

My Simple Show is a video creating web tool. You can go there by clicking here.  The site provides step by step video tutorials and is a piece of cake to use.

This is how it works:
1.  You choose a presentation type.
2.  You type a script.
3.  You choose from their preloaded pictures or download your own.
4.  You format it and preview it.
5.  Add your own voice or choose a voice from their selection.
6.  Finalize it.
7.  Save it or upload it to YouTube or other video sharing sites.
8.  Done!

Here's a short video I created introducing Questioning to my students:

I can think of multiple ways to use this in my classroom:

Teacher Use Ideas:
1.  Use as introductions to new strategies, novels, lessons, units.
2.  Use to develop classroom procedure videos.
3.  Informational videos for parents.
4.  Use as an announcement video for students or parents.
5.  Use to share student achievements.

Student Use Ideas:
1.  Show understanding of math concept.
2.  Show understanding of a vocabulary word.
3.  Show understanding of a book read.
4.  Show understanding of a science experiment.
5.  Show understanding of an event in history.
6.  Practice writing and speaking skills.
7.  Show parents understanding of new concept.
8.  Writing steps in a process.
9.  Create a story map of a story read.
10.  Create pictures of visualizations from reading and record explanation.
11.  Create a report on any topic.
12.  Share a book review.

I could go on and on...but I'm sure your mind is overflowing with possibilities now too!

Let me know what you think and how you decide to use this amazing FREE tool in your classroom!

Happy video creating!!

Note: I am not affiliated with this company in any way.  I'm simply sharing great resources I have discovered to hard-working teachers. :)

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