Websites for Scheduling Conferences

Hello everyone! It's Anna from Hanging with Mrs. Hulsey, and today I wanted to share a list of websites that I hope will come in handy! 

I have always hated scheduling conferences with pieces of paper and trying to work around everyone's schedules. So this year I decided to try the online route! 

I asked a group of 3rd grade teachers what websites they use for scheduling, looked them over, and chose one I liked (I'll put the list of websites at the end of this post). Next, I set up my available conference slots following the directions on the site. 

In order to spread the word to my parents I've done several things:

1. Sent home an initial parent note. I included a QR code using the website QR Code Generator and added it to my note. Here is an example of my note (I created it in PowerPoint): 
2. I sent out the link using my ClassDojo "message" system. This let parents click directly on the link from their phones. 
3. I sent out invites directly to parent emails after everyone had a few days to sign up (you can do this through the sign up website).

I already have 1/2 of my conferences scheduled-- and I haven't had to keep track of a single paper! I will also send home a final "reminder" note to remind parents the week before conferences. However, several of these websites can send an email reminder to the participant who signed up! Bonus! I know other teachers use them for field trip volunteers, classroom volunteers, party supply sign-ups, etc! You really can't lose. 

Lastly, here are the the different websites our fellow teachers are using:

I hope you can find one of these to be of use! Have a great week! 

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