Spice Up Your Spelling!

Hello darlings!  Amy here from That Teaching SparkWhen I teach spelling, I am often on the hunt for fun, yet practical activities for my students to practice their spelling pattern for the week. 

This  year, I am meeting with my students in small groups to work on differentiated spelling lists.  One of my rotations is called Choice.  

This is where students get the “Choice” of the activity they would like to complete.  They are allowed to choose from a list of activities on their Choice Board.  We glue these boards onto the inside cover of our Word Study Journals so students have them all year. (Freebie at the end of post!)

 At the beginning of the year, I introduce each activity choice and have students practice it.  That way when rotations come along, I have a well oiled machine with students working independently. 

While I completely agree that activities such as these are NOT effective in long term application of spelling words, research shows that adding kinesthetic activities helps with memorization. I teach the understanding and the word pattern “rules” during my Teacher Rotation. 

A few Favorites….

I created the Michelangelo Spelling activity after our art teacher did a project with my kiddos about the Sistine Chapel.  My kiddos LOVE taping their paper to the underside of their desks and “painting” like Michelangelo. Of course, they are just writing their spelling words, but it is incredibly motivating. 

My kiddos also love Ghost Spelling.  They write their words on paper with a white crayon and then color over the crayon with a marker.  It “magically” shows up. 

Another favorite of mine is Context Clues.  Students must write a sentence with the word that is so detailed, that another student could figure out the word if the word was covered up.  I use the little sticky flags for this activity.    

I wanted to give this Choice Board to you FREE!


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