Place Value Videos and Songs

Place value songs and videos are a great way to engage your students!

I really loved to use videos and songs to introduce math concepts. They can be really engaging and just never know exactly what will stick with each student.  A lot of times it just may be that song that they keep hearing in their head all about place value (well, you can hope that it is)!

One site that I used a lot was Scholastic Study Jams.  This is a great site to find informative mini lesson videos, games and songs about different Science and Math topics. My students always loved working with Study Jams!

Scholastic Study Jams has a few Place Value topics available:
Place Value
Order Whole Numbers
Number Lines
Estimate Whole Numbers
Expanded Notation

If you're looking for songs to introduce or help students understand place value here are some songs that you and your students might like:
Mr. Peter's Classroom - great for older elementary lessons and songs

Place value centers that are perfect for 3rd grade!

If you're looking for some place value practice for your kiddos, these Place Value Math Centers might be great for you! They have a fun Trolls theme that you can use anytime in the year.  Also, make sure you grab my Place Value Center freebie too!

Place value songs and videos are a great way to engage your students!


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  2. A wonderful place for teachers specially the lower grade teachers. They can incorporate this in their lessons. Thank you for sharing these classroom ideas.