Getting the Most Out of Scholastic Book Orders

If you are not using Scholastic Book Club Orders in your are missing out on TONS of free books!!  I'm pretty sure 95% of my classroom library is all from Scholastic.

Get the most out of your Scholastic Book Orders by using these tips!

Quick Explanation if you've never used it:
Students/Parents shop paper flyers or place orders online.  Teacher gets bonus points for each dollar spent, plus Scholastic runs specials each month to earn even more!  Teachers use bonus points for free books and classroom materials.
Check out their website for more details and if you're new to Scholastic, you can use my information when you sign up to get 250 bonus points!

Enlist Parent Volunteers

Scholastic will send you multiple flyers to send home and separating them can be a pain!  So I now send home the flyers with instructions for a parent to put them together for me!

I create a little flyer to attach to the front of the student flyers with information so parents can remember the website and our class code.

Get Kids Excited

Definitely the first time you send home the flyers, you need to drum up a lot of excitement!  I have my students create a wishlist!  This is to hopefully encourage more purchases because September usually has the best bonus point specials!

Celebrate the Book Box Arrival

I usually open the book box after school to sort through the books so I can make sure students get the correct books they ordered.  I go ahead and label the free books with how I organize my class library.  Then I put them back in the box and set a time to "open" the box in front of the class!!

This is another way to get kids excited about reading!!  I have a special place in our library to put the new books!

And if there are any super popular books, I will sometimes even raffle them off!

I definitely suggest you make it a priority to do Scholastic book orders once a month!  Even if you don't have a lot of participation, you can purchase books at great prices yourself and you can save those bonus points!  It's totally worth it!!


  1. this one blog i can heratily approve of. i always pro education person but one really run of ideas when its comes to teaching in cool and fun ways keeping the children attention intact while imparting the knowledge.

  2. Do you have an editable version of the flyer? The website has changed from reading club!

  3. I absolutely LOVE these reminders! I'm wondering if you could update/make a new version that includes Babies Toddlers & Preschool-12th as an option.
    Thanks so much for creating and sharing!

  4. This is absolutely what I was looking for! Will you please update the flyer?!
    Thank you!

  5. This is AWESOME! Just what I needed to simplify the process. Thank you for sharing.