The BEST Teacher Halloween Costumes Ever

We asked 3rd grade teachers from the All About 3rd Grade Facebook Group to share their Halloween costumes they wore to school and the response we got was AMAZING! We have some seriously creative teachers!

Fly Guy
submitted by Nekita P.

Queen Bees
submitted by Christy T.

3rd Grade Construction Zone
submitted by Sonja V.

Boss Baby
submitted by Alli W.

Sneaking in Vocabulary!
submitted by Heather MW

submitted by Corey C.

submitted by Diana L.

Scooby Doo and the Mystery Gang
submitted by Colettie T.

Beanie Babies
submitted by Esther J.

Pizza Party 
submitted by Kontonia F.

Mario Kart
submitted by Laura C.

Queen of Cards
submitted by Danielle B.

Historical Figures
submitted by Kathy M.

The Four Seasons
submitted by Dominica L.

Dunkin Donuts
submitted by Amy P

Thanks for sharing the fun and creativity in the All About 3rd Grade FB group!


  1. At my son's school the teachers all dressed as bees, the principal was the queen bee, and the office workers were beekeepers.