The Question Chair

How many times has a student interrupted your small group with a question?
Usually it's a simple question with a quick answer, but now your train of thought is lost.
This was happening to me quite a bit.
I tried several other ideas like the light or wearing a hat.
But it still didn't solve the problem completely.
I was visiting with a coworker one afternoon and saw a chair with a question mark on it.
I asked her what it was and she said that's our question chair!
How I stopped my students from interrupting my small group...The Question Chair
So how does it work?
Basically, if a student has a question that they can't get answered from the kids in their center, they sit in the question chair and wait.
Once your small group is doing something independently, you answer their question.
They go on their merrier way and you're back to your group!
It was worked fabulously in our room!!
We did a lot of modeling at the beginning of the year to help students understand what kinds of questions they should ask, how they should wait, etc.
There are many times, a student sits in the chair and before I get to a stopping point, they've figured out the answer and they are gone!
How do you manage questions while you're teaching in small groups?

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