Keeping organized to help students

Staying organized is a great way to keep your classroom clean! It also helps you and your students know exactly where everything is!

I love an organized classroom!  I love knowing where everything is.  I also love knowing that my students know where things go, and where they are to put things!  One way that I did this was to keep baskets for them to put their notebooks and workbooks into.  These worked well because I was able to split my kids into two classes.  We kept each type of notebook or workbook in a different basket.  This helped them keep their desks clean, and helped them know exactly where their notebooks were at all times.  I had a separate turn in basket too, so I knew they were done when it was in there.  After I graded their notebooks I was able to return it to the basket as well, and then they would know that I had looked at them.  It worked well and I can't wait to set it up again this next year!

Keeping your math area clean and organized helps your students get to work quickly so they can know exactly where things are.

Another area that I loved to have organized was my math center!  This area was great for students to go and grab things that they needed right away for math time.  They knew exactly where their math notebooks were, where the dice, cards white boards, clocks and money were.  It made it perfect when it was time to play a game, when they needed something to help them, or when it was time to work on their notebooks.

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