Noisy Classroom? 5 Ways to Keep It Quiet!

Hello everyone! It's Anna from Hanging with Mrs. Hulsey-- and today I'm going to discuss some tips and ideas to help you quiet a noisy classroom! 

Try using a traffic light in class! You can find a real one on Amazon-- which is pretty awesome-- but pricey. I created one on Smart Notebook (just insert a clipart traffic light or create one using rectangle shapes) and inserted an arrow. 
Then, when my kids are working around the room I project it on the screen. When they start to get noisy I move the arrow from green to yellow to red. It's a great visual for students!

Try using an app or website to track noise. There is one called "Bouncy Balls" that provides another great visual for the kids to see just how noisy they are. It's simple to use-- just visit the website-- enable your microphone-- and project it where you students can see it! 

Worried the previous ideas won't work if you have younger kids? Some great ideas for younger kids include "quiet spray" or "quiet critters" ! I think younger kids will be willing to work hard for the magic in these ordinary objects! 

Teach your students some "call and response" chants! A few years ago my school learned "whole brain teaching"-- and one of the practices is to say, "Class?" and every student responds, "Yes?" Immediately the students are silent and paying attention. 
There are TONS of different and fun attention getters you can use in your classroom-- you don't have to stick with just one! Here is a FREEBIE I found on TPT with a lot of ideas! 

Use a "NOISE" chart! This one is pretty simple-- hang up the letters using magnets or clips. 
If students are being too noisy-- flip letters over one by one. If you end up getting down to the letters "NO" students have to work without talking. 
Rewards for having a full "NOISE" chart can be up to you-- Dojo points, brag tags, extra recesses, etc. The possibilities are endless! 

Here is a freebie so you can make your own NOISE letters (or click the picture below)! I've got 2 versions (rainbow and navy/lime) because I am using the navy & lime in my own room-- but some people may prefer a generic rainbow. 
Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you walked away with some good classroom management tips you can use in your classroom! 

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