No More Bulky Data Folders!

Your shelves getting rather full of student work?  Tired of having the piles of student work stack up in your "To File" basket? I've started saving my students' work on one little mini iPad.  Yes siree!  No more lugging that enormous data binder to my meetings and IEP's!  I simply have to grab my iPad and GO!

You can collect any data from any student at any time!  Collect videos, writing samples, pictures, and screenshots galore and have it all a couple of clicks away!  Think about can email it to parents, administration, intervention teachers, school psychologists, social workers, and more with ease.

If you have 1 iPad-YOU CAN DO THIS!

Yes...I said 1.

Here's a short video tutorial on how I do it using various apps and resources.  I store it all on my hard drive, iCloud, or you can download it into Dropbox or Google Docs.  I simply provide you the tool...the way you utilize it is up to you!

Video Tutorial 1: Collect Data (Click here if on mobile device.) 
If on computer view video below.

Video Tutorial 2: Organize Data  (Click here if on mobile device.)
If on computer view video below.

I guess this was more of a Vlog than a Blog:)  Hopefully the video tutorials will help explain this process in a simplified way.

Really the possibilities are endless... Start brainstorming now on how you could use your computer/laptop/ipad to collect student data.
If you have any questions feel free to email me at!


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