3 Tips for Back to School

3 tips to help you achieve much this school year!  We all strive for greatness and with these tips you are guaranteed to succeed!

Summer flew by and now it is time to start thinking about back to school already.  I have three tips to help you prepare for back to school and help make your planning and first week easier!

As you're thinking about your space make sure that you know how big things can be.  If you have a lot of space thinking about what posters you may want to have enlarged around your room!

I have the advantage / disadvantage of moving to a new school this year.  Due to this I am not able to actually get into my classroom yet!  I report back in a week and I am starting to go a little stir crazy not having my room already set up!  Luckily I have a friend who sent me pictures of my new blank canvas!  I am so excited about the SPACE that I am going to have!  I created these posters to help fill some of the blank space that is taking over my room!  I am so excited for these!  They are HUGE and are going to help me fill some blank space that I didn't know what I was going to do with.  PLUS, they are my colors and amazing!  Did you know that you could have posters printed at Costco!  These were only $6.99 each!!  LOVE!!

Creating a positive environment is very important! You want your students to know that they are loved, supported and encouraged in your room! Use not only your actions to show that to them, but also your room!

Being able to send a positive message to your students while they are in your room is SUPER important!  I was inspired and encouraged by Ashley Schroeder to take my messages that I wanted to share with my students and BLOW THEM UP!!  She did an awesome tutorial for us, and you can check it out here!!  I created three different sayings that I knew I wanted around my room.  #achievemuch #dreambig #workhard  These are my three main messages for my students! I want them to know that while they are in my room this year they can #dreambig!  They can believe that they can reach the moon, and I am going to help them do that!  They are going to have to #workhard to get there, but then we will able to look back and see that they #achievemuch!  I believe that these all go hand in hand and by allowing them to see these things up around my room they will also know that it is okay to believe these things!

Get your planner ready before school starts because once it starts you are going to be running! Set up the important dates you know, NOW!

My planner is something that helps keep me organized and helps me keep track of things!  I have fallen in love with the happy planner this year and am so thankful that I am able to quickly hole punch it and throw it in my planner!  Then I don't have to jot these down all over my plan book, but instead can have a list that can be thrown away after everything is done!  I am going to take time to add all of the important dates that I already know as well so that way once school starts and I begin planning I don't have to worry about forgetting about 1/2 days, parent teacher conferences or school holidays!

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