Monthly Organization Ideas

Hello fellow educators! It's Anna again (from Hanging with Mrs. Hulsey), and I thought I'd write a brief post about how I organize the monthly materials in my classroom! 

Sadly, I don't have many "in room" pictures because I am currently moving down the hall, and all my belongings are in a giant pile or boxed up! But I can share some future plans with you! 

First, here is a blog post I wrote last year about organizing my monthly morning work and "fun" holiday items. I use drawers with fun labels (much more beautiful than a filing cabinet!) Here is a quick pic of my set-up:

Last year I really began to invest in a variety of picture books for holidays, classroom management, character education, etc. I like to keep those books tucked away until needed-- that way they're a surprise for my students and more exciting for them to see brand new materials! I decided to store them in some Sterilite boxes I purchased at Walmart. (Buy them in-store-- it's much cheaper!) Here's the tag: 
I plan to sort the books based off the month I use them-- that way I can find them on the shelf quickly! For example, I will put my classroom management books in the August or September tub.
Simply print, laminate, and adhere to the tub (I used double sided tape). Click HERE or the pic below to purchase these shiplap labels! Thanks for stopping by and I hope I gave you some good ideas for organizing your materials! 

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